Welcome To Medical Billing & Recovery Services

At Medical Billing & Recovery Services (MBRS) we specialize in managing hospital accounts receivable for billing and collections. Let MBRS handle your billing and collection needs. Outsourcing to MBRS will reduce your overhead, while decreasing the claim payment turn around time. We at MBRS understand that we are an extension of your business office, therefore solving problems in a professional and courteous manner. We also understand that you have many choices of agencies to choose from. Our performance will show you why MBRS was the right choice for your company or institution.

We specialize in the following:

Workers Compensation:
MBRS staff is highly trained in HIPPA and Workers Compensation laws and rates. We will submit your bill with all proper documentation required to expedite payment.

MBRS will work with the patient, No-Fault insurance carriers and the patient attorney in order to submit bills in a timely manner.

Insurance Follow-Up:
MBRS will follow-up with all insurance companies to learn the status of open claims in order to increase revenue. Custom reports enable us to do follow-up based on any criteria necessary to expedite the follow-up process and resolve any problems so that payment can be received.

Self-Pay Collection:
MBRS has a highly professional staff who understands that as an extension of your business office, self-pay accounts must be dealt with in a special way.

Industry average shows that 30% of all medical claims submitted are returned, or unpaid due to errors. Up to 15% of these claims are never resubmitted, resulting in lost revenue. Do not keep making the same mistakes!!