About Us

Medical Billing and Recovery Services is dedicated to providing the healthcare industry with excellence in revenue recovery.

With over 30 years experience in medical billing and collections, Medical Billing and Recovery Services has the knowledge and expertise necessary to efficiently and effectively recover revenue.

Our staff is highly experienced and continually trained in all billing procedures to maximize results.

As an extension of your business office, our goal is to maintain an excellent provider/patient relationship and handle all patients with complete professionalism and courtesy.

Each project is assessed to determine its individual needs and are handled accordingly to insure success.

Our computer system can customize reports for each client as needed giving you the information you require.

Medical Billing and Recovery Services is committed to our clients and our goal is to produce maximum results in a minimal amount of time while supporting and enhancing patient relations.

Our services offer many benefits to your facility including a reduction in paperwork, time savings and strengthened cash flow.