Workers Compensation:
Submitting Workers Compensation claims is a manual, labor intensive process. With over 20 years experience, Medical Billing & Recovery Services (MBRS) is well versed in submitting medical claims for Workers Compensation claims.

MBRS staff is highly trained in HIPPA and Workers Compensation laws and rates. We will submit your bill with all proper documentation required to expedite payment.

We work directly with employers, compensation carriers and the Workers Compensation Board to obtain information and payment.

No-Fault Claims are also submitted manually and are time sensitive in New York. MBRS will make sure your No-fault claims are submitted within the time frame governed by the law and provide required documentation to insure proper and prompt payment.

MBRS will work with the patient, No-Fault insurance carriers and the patient attorney in order to submit bills in a timely manner.

Insurance Follow-Up:
MBRS will follow-up with all insurance companies to learn the status of open claims in order to increase revenue. Custom reports enable us to do follow-up based on any criteria necessary to expedite the follow-up process and resolve any problems so that payment can be received.

Self-Pay Collection:
MBRS has a highly professional staff who understand that as an extension of your business office, self-pay accounts must be dealt with in a special way.

MBRS will contact your patients at the appropriate time per the Bad Debt Credit Laws and obtain their insurance information or set up a time frame to pay the bills themselves.

MBRS will send letters that have been approved by the client and will call patients in order to resolve the bill to the satisfaction of both the client and patient.